4 Reasons Why Windows Surface is making PC Makers Go Hopping Mad

"According to the latest updates from Microsoft, Windows 8, which will also be popularized as Apollo, will come with an array of delights. In the recent Windows Phone summit, many of the rumors about this new platform have been confirmed. Let's take a sneak peek of its feature list."

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The Surface is introducing a lot many innovative things that the gadget world has not seen yet. This is powered by Windows 8 and marries a physical keypad with a track-pad that can be regarded as a Touch Cover or Type Cover. Alongside, the device sports a lot of things that have caused sleepless nights for PC makers.

Let's put some lights on few of these reasons:

1. Surface is running on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro OS which are innovations in themselves. The much talk about Windows 8 has promised to change the way users look on their PC - upside down. This is armed enough to give a fair fight to iOS and Android and this tablet is certainly going to make them run for their fame.

2. Surface is 9.3mm thin, weighing 676 grams. Tere is 10.6 inches ClearType HD Display with 16:9 aspect ratio where Corning Gorilla Glass 2 technology is also included.

3. As mentioned earlier, the device sports a physical keypad and it can be considered as a cover itself; so enjoying a high-end PC like feel is 100% assured. This is certainly something that the world hasn't experienced yet. The attached keypad hives it a PC as well as a Tablet feel at the same time.

4. The device is also armed by other accessories like a Pen and Palm Back which are also new entrant in the Tablet accessory market.

Undoubtedly, Windows Surface Tablet will have its own lovers and it will be among the most loved gadget of 2012. But there are certainly few considerations that can cause a little back-pull for it to be a sheer winner. It will be interesting to see whether, Surface brings in apps to compete Google Play and Apple's App Store. The other consideration that may cause a little delay in popularity is that Windows 8 is still not available for general usage. Overall, there are things to be taken care of; bugs to be resolved and we need to give the Surface it's time to make its mark.


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