4 Reasons Why Windows 8 Application Development will Make a Place for Itself

"According to the latest updates from Microsoft Windows 8 which will also be popularized as Apollo will come with an array of delights. In the recent Windows Phone summit, many of the rumors about this new platform have been confirmed. Let's take a sneak peek of its feature list."

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Windows8's collaboration with Nokia is the most hyped thing in the mobile industry now. This partnership has turned out to be a success story for both the business giants, in their own ways. Windows Phone Marketplace has done something wonderful to the mobile apps development arena for quite a long time now, and it is now flaunting more than 100,000 apps. Some of the must-haves include Friends and Audible, plus Zynga's newly acquired Draw Something.

Here are few of the reasons why the platform will carve a niche for itself in the industry:

1. Intrigue Interface :

The striking interface of Windows 8 has been killing from its very first look. The new start screen uses the whole width of the screen and there is no pointers to direct to swipe to the next slide to discover the apps. Users have the flexibility to fit as many tiles as they want depending upon their preferred usage type. They can even determine the size of tiles and their placements. Windows mobile apps development will have an upside down change with the way ahead features that the platform is bringing.

2. Under the hood :

Windows 8 is bringing a lot of space for the developer to explore a new area of delights. Among the most effective key features, the most interesting is that the new version is running the kernel from Windows rather than from Windows CE. Windows 8 application development professionals need to adhere to the company's primary concern like extended battery life and the feature that the native apps also run on a sandbox.

3.Internet Security:

Window 8 apps development professionals have the flexibility to go one step ahead with their development endeavors. Thanks to its inbuilt Internet Explorer 10 browser, completed with the phishing filter and SmartScreen application reputation service, this platform will be marking a new phase for browser based mobile apps. Any window 8 apps development company will certainly fall for security features like disk encryption and secure boot.

4. Multimedia Lineaments :

Games and entertainment apps developers will be beguiled with the multimedia features that Windows 8 bringing. However, the added task that they will have to do is to re-tool the existing ones.


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