Why iPhone is amongst the Best Smartphones Available: A Fair Comparison

"It was the iPhone that revolutionized the mobile world and it still continues to do so, as we make an effort to define why this phone is the recommended choice for all smartphone buyers"

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In the continuously evolving domain of smartphones and the technology associated, Apple iPhones have maintained their top position since their introduction into the smartphone market. iPhone mobile application development is touted to be one of the reasons that have made iPhones become the epitome of excellence today. Favored by a growing count of people world over, iPhone applications and the technology that helps the run the iPhone variants set the path for other smartphone makers to follow.

This article deals with iPhones and the reasons for their dominance in the phone industry.

Designs of iPhone:

iPhones variables such as iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS have the same design. iPhone5, the latest of the lot, shows a subtle change in its design in comparison to its predecessors iPhone4 and iPhone4S. Thus Apple maintains the original body while making changes in the functioning. It is quite surprising that since four years no other phone could beat iPhone. iPhone5 has some features similar to others, but its new look, albeit a very subtle change, backed by a superior technological change in processor and graphics capabilities have made millions heart flutter.

Comparison of iPhones with Other Smartphone’s:

iPhone Versus 4S HTC Vivid

HTC released Vivid after the release of iPhone 4S. It provides a wide range of features like 4.5 S-LCD screen, with a pixel density of almost 250 ppi. While Apple’s iPhone 4S have 330 ppi pixel density. Other prominent features in this phone that cannot be replaced by any other phones are: 1GB of RAM, 16GB of inbuilt memory, and dual core 1.2 GHz processor. All these features make iPhones popular in market.

iPhone5 is yet to see any competition in its segment by virtue of being very new introduction. Hence here we would limit ourselves to it’s predecessor in iPhone4S

Comparison of iPhone 4S with Samsung Galaxy Nexus and other Galaxy phones

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus offers several interesting features like Google's latest operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, has buttons on the front, 720x1280 pixel screen, 316 ppi pixel densities, and 4.65 screen size. Even though these phones are sleek and good-looking, it has got many drawbacks. One of them is its battery life. iPhones provide almost 15 hours of battery life. Build quality is another big complaint in these phones. These phones are not so solid in comparison to iPhones.

Comparing Motorola Razr and iPhone 4S

Otherwise known as Droid HD, Razr has many features like 4.3 inches on the screen size meter, a pixel density of 256 ppi, and 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM, Android Gingerbread operating system, ND16GB of memory. Its good look also surely benefits. But Motorola has not been regular with launching stellar devices and this leads the people to opt other ones. Lack of a popular brand image is also a major drawback of this phone.

Nokia N9 versus iPhone 4S

N9 is Nokia's best handset so far with new OS, unique look, and 3.9 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen. It has no buttons in the front, so there is no wastage of space. This makes it suitable to be compared with the iPhones. But the major shortcoming of this phone was that after their release, they changed their OS to Windows Mobile. The windows OS works with a capacitive touch screen that makes the screen smaller.

Blackberry Torch 9850 versus iPhone 4S

With the rising demand for multimedia and entertainment phones, BlackBerry has released a variety of phones in the entertainment-cum-business category. One of the models, Torch 9850 features 3.7 inch TFT capacitive touch screen, with an optical track pad for navigation. In addition to this, it has a stellar keypad, 786 MB RAM, and OS 7.All these features, make it a worthy phone. But users prefer iPhones in comparison to this phone. It is because these phones are business oriented, so people prefer other ones.

Apple’s iBook development facilitates it to be top among other smartphones. Some features that are welcomed by the users of Apple's iPhone are:

  • Its ease of use and difference from other manufactures has attracted people to choose it.
  • The gaming capabilities and multimedia capabilities of Apple also contribute to its success.
  • The games and apps are released first for the iPhone before any other phones, so they get the first experience.
  • Look of apps are also better in the case of iPhones.

Thus in short, Apples iPhones provides all features necessary for the users and it is surely the best phone in the market today.


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