iPad App Development: Is it a Cheap or costly Affair?

"When you are determining how much would it cost you for a decent iPad app to be developed, then its best to consult an expert who has the vivid idea of current trends of the market. gadgets like iPhone and iPad are now becoming house hold names; so its opens up a big spectrum for all the iPad developers to give a wing to their imagination and technical knowledge and get paid lucratively against the efforts."

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iPad application developmentiPad application development is the hottest development platform available today. This article outlines the key factors affecting the extra expenses of iPad applications development. This will help you to get a fair idea about the average ipad app development cost that the companies are quoting these days.


 iOS Applications: Consumer vs. Enterprise

Now a day there is a great demand for consumer applications.  Low cost application are developed and offered to consumers. There are significant variances in the creation cost and the purchase prices.

These cost and time expectations are leaking into the Business Enterprise and creating a perceived value gap.

Enterprise Applications introduces many variables beyond the “development cost”.  Ten key questions to be considered as part of the pricing model for a true iPad Enterprise App:

  •  Breadth – Whether the app targets a department, division, or full enterprise?
  •  Customer Interaction – If the end-customer will be directly engaged?
  •  Enterprise Data – Do users need access to read and update enterprise systems?
  •  Security– Which security policies and technology will be needed for new data?
  •  User Profile– Will Enterprise users be in/out of the office with/without wireless?
  •  Governance– Which application and device policies should be created?
  •  Integration– What existing/new integration techniques will be required?
  •  Architecture– How can the existing enterprise architecture extend to the iPad?
  •  Testing– Will existing Q/A processes and tools support the iPad test scenarios?
  •  Ongoing Support– How best leverage existing feedback/remediation channels?

These questions provide a view of the application and the dependencies that need to be considered for the enterprise iPad apps development cost model.

iPad application development

Risk Involved

While discussing the iPad app development costs, the amount of risk involved must also be described.

Each Enterprise has processes for identifying and determining the amount of risk related to a particular project; and in turn relates the risk back to the probability and magnitude of the impact. In addition to this, while evaluating the application cost, the expected lifespan and enterprise footprint of the iPad applications development must also be considered.

The footprint of an iPad application will include both the number and types of employees expected to use the application, this will directly affect the risk profile and can be a major factor within the cost calculations. Conversely, if the candidate application were intended to fulfill the needs of multiple departments, divisions, or a full-scale enterprise use case; then the architecture and application design would need to scale appropriately.

The common question that may arise how much does ipad app development cost? Well, in this regard its important to mention that there are dozens of variables determining overall application costs, but below are some budgetary tiers for planning purposes:

Basic Consumer iPad Apps Development Rates: $10,000 (+/- 20%)

  • No integration
  • Standard controls
  • Minimal Design and project management

Simple Enterprise iPad App Development Cost: $50,000 (+/- 20%)

  • Limited footprint
  • Single integration
  • Design for architecture, security, and user experience
  • Lite screen personalization

Medium Enterprise iPad Apps Development Price:  $100,000 (+/- 20%)

  • Department / Division footprint
  • Branding to support customer-facing interaction
  • Integration leverages existing enterprise capabilities
  • Enterprise-class Standards, security, and scalability
  • Highly tuned user experience

Complex Enterprise Apple iPad Apps Development Cost: $150,000 (and up)

  • Enterprise footprint
  • Highly tuned branding and user experience (include customer-facing)
  • Custom Integration (batch and real-time within the Enterprise)
  • Enterprise-class Standards, security, and scalability
  • Mobile device and application management infrastructure (MDM, MAM)

Managing Budget and iOS Application Cost Expectations

The iPad is much more about the user interaction than legacy applications; so it is critical to set and manage expectations early in the process. Tips that ensure that expectations are well managed are:

  • Success Criteria: What all are included?
  • Design
  • Develop: Limit changes to key issues for the first release.
  • Pilot: Garner usability and interaction feedback early.
  • Performance: Tune integrations to do heavy processing outside of the iPad.
  • Support: Ensure application update processes and tools are in place early.

Creating Success

Every enterprise has application experience with hundreds of packaged and custom applications; the iOS and specifically the iPad revolution which creates a new dynamic with the business culture. The users’ expectations are extremely high based on their consumer iOS application experiences so the effort to meet their expectations with an Enterprise iOS Application requires special attention.


The new and innovative capabilities of the iPad can be used to create new customer value and identify new opportunities for customer growth and satisfaction. Successful innovation of iOS within the enterprise will create value for customers.


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