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Founded in 1987, the EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization) is a global business network comprising of over 8,000 business owners in 40 countries and 121 chapters (cities).

SynapseIndia has designed this EO mobile application through which members of Eonetwork would find quick and handy information on events going to take place in their cities. When there is an EO event in any chapter, the members of Eonetwork can quickly find the details about that event through this EO global application using their Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. The communicability of all these events will see a dramatic shift in member's connectivity with the EO.

EO Global Mobile Apps:

Salient Features of EO App:

  • The EO mobile app shows details of events based on global and chapter wise subdivisions.
  • The app allows authorized members of EO network (user who are registered with eonetwork.org) to login with their network credentials (user ID and password) and check the members and chapter officers' directory.
  • It enables authorized members to add member contact details in their address book (iOS contact application that's local to the device).
  • It allows users to search global EO members and view their details including their:
    - Name,
    - Email ID,
    - Mobile Number,
    - DOB and
    - Company's Description.
  • EO global app allows the users to set/change chapter preferences for viewing events and member directory.
  • The members of EO network can add the chapters (cities) names they will visit and also check the names of visitors to the chapter.
  • EO app lets users share their feedback on completed event.
  • It enables authorized members to view near by chapters on google map.
  • EO app lets the users to check the RSS feeds.
  • EO Application allows users to create contact groups and share their incidents, significance and feelings to them via mail.
  • It allows user to search EO members globally in all the chapters.
  • The user can view the EO tweets, facebook posts etc.
  • The App also allows users to view the EO TV i.e. EO streamed videos.
  • iOS application is now iOS 7 compatible.
  • User can like, comment on an event and can add event in favorites in iOS app.
  • User can add photos along with photo frame in photocards section in iOS app.
  • User can add members in favorite list in iOS.
  • User can view Facebook group photos. User can like photos and add photos in favourite list in ios.
  • User will be rated based on his activity on app by like and favourite of user in ios.
  • User would be able to scan QR code to open any URL in iOS.

About EO:

EO (Entrepreneur's Organization) is a business community with its influence surpassing beyond geographical borders. Entrepreneurs who join the EO as members get the critical service where each member is advised on the ways to solve a unique business challenge. These services just help an entrepreneur in the same way that, Board of Directors discuss and analyze the issues facing their business. Since after its inception in 1987, EO is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the timing of launch for this application could not have been more symbolic.

About SynapseIndia:

SynapseIndia has an in-depth exposure in mobile applications development for several mobile platforms i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android etc. Find them here. It's the applications which enhance the overall value of a Smartphone, making them a rage today. SynapseIndia has a considerable amount of experience in developing such applications designed to deliver on a unique idea. SynapseIndia designs mobile applications that have a tremendous potential to enhance user experience and provides utility to its users.

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