Android App Development: A Set of Tips & Tricks

"Android application development asks for sheer zeal to come up with something that will instantly appeal to its target group. This article talks about a set of techniques, along with set of tips and tricks that are important to be kept in mind in the development process."

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Android is a powerful operating system for both smartphones and tablets. Android devices ask for interactive apps. In this article, we focus on understanding Android applications are created.

Techniques of Producing an Android App

The techniques that are used in Android application development are:

  • Using the Android software development kit (SDK), which lets you write raw code and helps you, get it working in the Android environment.
  • Also using the App Inventor, a Google Labs tool that's still in beta is used.


 Eclipse IDE must be installed to download Android SDK.

Android virtual devices

After downloading a version of Android, an Android Virtual Device (AVD) must be set up. This can be done in the Android SDK and AVD Manager. Choose 'Window > Android SDK and AVD manager' and select 'Virtual devices'. Click 'New' and provide a name for your new device. Select the Android platform that you want to use as the target. Click 'Create AVD'.

Create and emulate Android app

A new project can be created once the software and the virtual device in the Android SDK and AVD manager are set up. In Eclipse IDE, choose 'File > New > Project'. In the New Project wizard, select the 'Android' folder and choose 'Android project'. Click 'Next'. You now have a new window for your project details.

To start with, we'll set up a simple 'Hello world' application that just displays some text when launched. In the field marked 'Project name', enter HelloAndroid. For 'Application name' enter Hello, Android. For 'Package name' supply com.example.helloandroid and for 'CreateActivity', enter HelloAndroid. Click 'Finish'. These parameters are used to set up your project in Eclipse.

The application name is the title of your app, which will be displayed in the Android device. Change this to change the name of the app. Finally, the option to create the project from  an existing example enables you to select some existing code to modify.

Test your app on an Android device

Developing Android apps ask for proper testing before delivering it to the client. After running the app in the emulator, it can be run on a real device. The steps involved are:

  • Install USB driver in the Android SDK and AVD manager.
  • Connect phone to a spare USB port and wait for Windows to detect it.
  • Choose 'Locate and install drivers'. Browse to the 'Android SDK' folder and locate the subfolder for the USB driver.
  • Declare the app as debug gable.
  • Go to your Android phone and choose 'Menu' from the home screen, then select 'Applications > Development' and enable USB debugging. Now you can reconnect it to your PC via USB. If you want to check that the SDK can see your phone, browse to the 'Tools' directory in your 'Android SDK' folder. Launch 'adb.exe' and you should be able to see your phone listed as 'Device'.
  • To launch your application on the connected phone, you need to choose 'Run > Run > Android application in Eclipse'. Now you have both the emulator and your phone connected, you need to specify which you want to run it on. Select your phone from this list to install and run the app.

App Inventor

The App Inventor Designer lets you select components for your app, including media, buttons, labels and everything else that's related to the way your app looks and feels.

To create an Android app in App Inventor, first download the most recent version of your browser and get Java. An Android application is a collection of tasks, each of which is called an activity. Each activity within an application has a unique purpose and user interface.


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