How to Make a Hit App for Apple's App Store?

"Apple application developers are enjoying the cream of the pie as they are one of the most sought after professionals of current day. With so many Apple apps available, the iPhone and iPad users are literary enjoying a dip in a tun full of intuitive apps that would take their experience with the handsets."

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Apple App Development company IndiaWith more than 70,000 live apps available on the Apple's App Store; the Apple app development industry is already a huge body comprising of millions of app creators coming from all across the globe. This spells out the immense competition that the apps and their developers are facing. Needless to mention that this is not an easy task to stand tall in the queue and make people know about your app as well as convince them to go for it at the same time. This cruel reality has led many disillusioned developers to conclude their endeavors.

However, this article will help you with certain set of practical tips that would add-in your process to formulate and deliver successful as well as interesting apps:

A Cracking Idea:

Any successful app rests on the foundation of a cracking idea. The idea determines the ultimate potential of the execution. And the secret behind formulating an enticing idea is to look for a vacuum. If there is a vacuum, it should be inherently get filled. A vacuum may be for a new app or for a set of functionalities that are missing in the already existing ones. A keen eye on the Apple app updates will help you to find a lot of vacuums available. It's obvious that the low-hanging fruit is no more available but of-course there are plenty of vacuum that are still persisting. You just need to find them out and follow your passion for determining a way to fill them.

Making Money Matters:

Invariably apps are created for making money. When revenue is important, an app should be made potent enough so that it can drive a substantial amount of money. According to Apple application development experts, all the apps that are hosted on App Store can be segregated in four categories: hit apps, premium hits, premium niche and most apps. Let's put a little more light on the categories:

Hit Apps:

These apps are high on volume and low on price. These are meant almost for everyone and mostApple Application Development Industry of the time impulse purchasers, who browse regularly the top charts and featured list, go for such apps. Following an intense marketing, these apps get launched ensuring that the target groups never miss any information about them. Almost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of downloads can easily generate significant profit.

Premium Niche Apps:

These apps are high on price, low on volume and are targeted to a serious niche group. Such app lovers are willing to do a thorough research to find an adulterate one that would serve their requirement; and they don’t mind paying huge bucks for them.

Premium Hit Apps:

These apps are rare but rewarding and generate high profit per user. Such apps create certain amount of addiction towards them that ensures their popularity and prosperity.    

Most Apps:

Most of the apps available on the App Store fall in this criterion. These are seldom searched, not well-planned, have no specific target group or may be too narrowed for a set of users who are rare to find, and most importantly don't offer something exceptional that others don't.  

Making a Statement:

Making a statement about your app, or defining the app's core, in its literary meaning would help an app to become successful. If an app sports a catch line like "XYZ tells you what exactly you need to do to crack your entrance exams" would spell out the exact idea behind devising the app as well as the niche market it is targeting.

A Delightful Design:

The design of an app is among the most important components behind its success or failure. Starting from its icon, splash screen and inside slides; if an app is not eye-catchy and is not boasting ease of use, it may not taste the amount of success it is supposed to get. A less fussy and less complicated design that helps a user browse and swipe through the app with comfort, scores high on user acceptability chart.

Apart from the said reasons, additional factors that play pivotal role include programming, marketing and building a buzz about it. Having said that, to make a mark in the Apple application development industry, a potential app developer should be on his/her toe after understanding or determining a scope with all the research work done before venturing.

End of a new Beginning

Integrating something as tangible as an idea, into something that is virtually intangible like an app, is certainly a fulfilling action in itself. Having said that, in our next piece we will talk about this huge spectrum of technology in-&-out and will see why and how these have become so important in our lives. So, stay keyed!


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